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Welcome to Kalman's Forge, where Shai, a twenty-eight-year emerging technology leader, drives the evolution of the Internet by building real-world Web3 products. His services help business leaders leverage the power of blockchain, machine learning, and AI to create innovative and decentralized digital solutions.

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Driving Web3 Innovation for Enterprises, SMBs, & Disruptive Startups

Through bespoke consulting services, Shai created Kalman's Forge to honor his father and drive innovation, collaboration, and rigor within the Web3 community. By combining proven methodologies with decades of hands-on experience, Shai accelerates engagements throughout all stages.

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Trusted by industry leaders for exceptional Web3 solutions


“Shai is a powerhouse with technical proficiency, curiosity, and passion for Web3 as well as cutting-edge technologies such as generative AI. At AWS, he was an advocate for partners ranging from blockchain protocols to distributed applications, always looking for ways to make connections on behalf of these customers. If you are a startup looking to scale, or an enterprise building with blockchain, you will find both a leader and a builder in Shai”

John Liu

Head of Product @ AWS

“Taking words from our AWS Global Lead for Web3 - ‘Shai is a builder and will always have an imprint on how we are building the Web3 business at AWS’, which I couldn't agree with more.

Shai is a pleasure to collaborate and always available to share his knowledge for the greater good of our customers. His vision and approach to building a disruptive business encompassing Web3/Blockchain has been nothing short of inspiring...”

Sunny Bhanot Sr.

Territory Manager | Financial Services Leader @ AWS

“Prior to his tenure at AWS as the Tech Lead for Web3/Blockchain, Shai single-handedly bootstrapped a thriving web3 community of Amazonians from various roles at the company. Shai’s persistent willingness to learn new things about a rapidly changing space, to experiment and teach others became a hallmark of his achievements as Tech Lead for Web3/Blockchain. He continued to build the internal community whilst working to foster industry partnerships with leaders in the Web3 ecosystem, and in the process, Shai and his team delivered a multitude of content and collateral that is incredibly valuable...”

Forrest Colyer

Manager, Blockchain/Web3 Specialist SAs @ AWS

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Shai has been at the forefront of digital transformation initiatives from Fortune 50s to early-stage startups. Shai has built his career on an exciting path from the early days of web1 through web2 to web3. Shai’s humbled joy has been the opportunity through their career to venture into a diverse set of industries and challenges. The result is a seasoned leader who brings eclectic skills to your unique challenges with a wide network of partners to support. Reach out, and let's solve your tech challenges together!

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