Meet Shai, the visionary behind Kalman's Forge

Shai is a dedicated solo-entrepreneur committed to driving Web3 innovation and empowering startups.

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As a seasoned Principal Architect and former Global Technology Leader @ AWS with over 28 years of progressive experience, I bring a unique blend of IT Infrastructure Architecture, Cloud, Product Development, Strategic Partnerships, and Global Community Leadership skills. I have a proven track record in leveraging bleeding-edge technology to revolutionize industry leaders. My leadership has consistently driven strategic partnerships and cross-functional alignment/acceleration and turned potential business opportunities into bespoke products/ventures. I'm exploring new opportunities to apply my skills and bring people and products together to drive industry leaders.

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- Visionary Leadership in Blockchain & Web3: I Spearheaded AWS's Web3 initiatives, establishing over 25 strategic partnerships, integrating blockchain technologies into offerings, and nurturing a community of 1600+ Amazonians passionate about Web3. My leadership at Kalman’s Forge has catalyzed multiple startups, driving innovation and fostering an ecosystem for digital transformation.

Seasoned Solution Architect and Digital Transformation Leader: My expertise has been finely honed through six years at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Recognized as a Solution Architect "Bar Raiser," I set high standards in hiring, communication, and mentorship. My tenure at AWS was marked by driving strategic initiatives in blockchain, cloud, and migrations and adeptly aligning innovative technological solutions with key business goals.

- Champion of Community Empowerment and Technological Education: My commitment to community building and education spans significant achievements, including spearheading the donation of 35,000 face shields to Phoenixville during the COVID-19 pandemic through the Perednik Foundation. At Amazon Web Services (AWS), I founded a vibrant 1600-member crypto cohort community dedicated to demystifying blockchain and Web3 technologies. I curated and delivered over 480 hours of educational content, aiming to democratize technology access, promote inclusive growth, and establish global partnerships.

Shai’s Mentors and Advisors

Shai’s ensures that his endeavors pass through rigorous review by bringing a diverse network of industry leaders. With respect to our members who choose to remain anon, only public peers are listed below.

Matthew Papish

Media & Entertainment

Fmr. SamsungXR Leader
Multi Exited Founder/CEO

Xaiochen Zhang


Fmr. Amazon

AI2030 & Finance Leader

Jordan Gitterman

Business Development

Co-Founder at Item Banc
BD @ C3 Bullion
Director @ Crypto Connect

Damu Winston


Amazon Web3 Leader

Rachel Morris

Technology Executive / Product Visionary / Strategic / AI SuperComputer Expert / Web 3.0

Irene Hatchett


Founder @ Catch Communications

Yuval Caspi


Fmr. VP of Product Development at MGAE

Damien Budnick

Web3 Community/Growth

Team Leader @ Amazon

Ole Scheie

Business Strategy

Founder Byt3Wave

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